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The Bangkok Podcast

Aug 24, 2021

In this episode, Greg fills us in on all the special concerns of being a parent in Bangkok. As if being a parent on its own didn’t have enough surprises, it turns out there are several things to keep in mind if you are expecting or even just bringing a child to the Big Mango. Pre-eminent is of course the issue of proper schooling, be it Thai or international or some combination of both. Greg explains the 3 C’s - cost, commute, and curriculum - that all new parents must build their life around.

As Ed sits by in ignorant awe, Greg runs through other parental revelations, such as malls (of all things) actually being good things that can function as safe, fun, air-conditioned havens for kids. While Ed preaches the value of NOT driving in Bangkok, Greg lists all the advantages of having a car when burdened - er, blessed - with a child. More cool insights follow (did you ever consider looking at the size of the wheels on your stroller?), including a few lessons in cultural sensitivity. 

Bangkok may have the reputation of a hedonistic city of fun and frivolity, but when the stork comes calling, you probably want to listen to this episode. 

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