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The Bangkok Podcast

May 7, 2024

Greg and Ed try a new type of show in which they troll their memories for extreme experiences, something that expats in Thailand seem to have a lot of. Greg begins with his scariest experience in Thailand. As a relative noobie, he engaged the services of a shady visa firm and was later called out on it by the Canadian Embassy. At the time, he didn’t know if a heavy fine, deportation, or even jail was in order, but luckily he got away with a much smaller punishment. Ed follows with a different type of scare, when his then fiancee was in a horrible motorbike accident, and he didn’t know the extent of her injuries. They were severe, but luckily not life threatening or disfiguring.

Greg follows with his lowest point ever as an expat, when he lost his job in Bangkok just one week after his grandfather passed away. Ed then relates his weirdest memory ever as an expat, when government officials showed up at his house to verify that he was really married to his wife. Not only did the officials ask to see Ed and his wife’s bedroom closets, they also asked the couple to lie in bed next to each other, fully clothed, but holding hands! So strange! But it happened. 

Last, Greg tells his most extreme, throw caution to the wind story: when he was getting married, he at first was pinching pennies, worried about saving money for the future, but eventually he just realized, !#@% it! You only get married once and after splurging and having a great wedding, he realized it was worth it. Ed then tells of his wildest night in Thailand, which involved an outing on Koh Samed that turned violent and required a hasty retreat in the wee hours of the morning to find a safe place from local thugs. 

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