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The Bangkok Podcast

Jul 2, 2024

This is Part Two of Greg and Ed’s interview with Paul and Yuangrat Wedel, returning guests to the show who previously talked about their book “Radical Thought, Thai Mind.” This time around the fascinating couple discuss their two novels, “Beads On A String” and “Dark Karma,” each historical fiction based in Southern Thailand. In this part of the interview, the couple focus on the historical characters and events that are interwoven into the fictional narrative. Greg asks about the sensitivity of dealing with certain high status characters, but Paul and Yuangrat make clear that they very closely followed historical records about public statements and acts. 

The interview continues to address such matters as the technology changes that swamped Siam at the turn of the century, the delicate political relationship between Bangkok and the southern sultanates/provinces, and plans for the next episode in the narrative which will encompass the 1932 coup that ended absolute monarchy in Thailand. Listen in for a fascinating interview with a truly erudite couple!

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