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The Bangkok Podcast

Oct 18, 2022

Greg interviews Khun Weena from the Thailand Clean Air Network, a guest who previously appeared on Episode 66 of Season 4, when Thailand was in the middle of a crazy air pollution crisis. Since then K. Weena and her organization have been hard at work preparing reports for the government on the status of air quality in Thailand. In fact, her group has recently finished a 700 page green paper outline solutions for the Thai government to pursue.

Weena outlines the extensive research she helped organize to prepare the report, which involved consulting with experts in multiple fields and trying to find realistic solutions that suit different entities. She explains that the report outlines steps for the government and private sector companies to take, but also responsibilities that best lie with the general public. 

Greg compliments K. Weena on the almost insane comprehensiveness of the report, but plays devil’s advocate: How do we know that the government will take the advice in the report seriously and actually make changes? K. Weena notes that their research focused on very actionable items, not pie-in-the-sky proposals that are politically infeasible. Further, air pollution in Thailand exacts massive costs on the public in the form of increased health care costs, and smart politicians who want to win elections should realize that people don’t want to get sick and go broke on their treatment. 

Listen in for further discussion of Thailand’s air quality issues with a true professional. 

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