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The Bangkok Podcast

May 14, 2024

Greg interviews Clif from about the ever evolving craft beer scene in Thailand. Cliff begins with the basic premise for the website and related social media: to act as a guide for locals and visitors to all the beer drinking opportunities in Bangkok, especially craft beers made by locals. The guys then review the famously restrictive Thai laws governing beer and alcohol in general, such as the prohibition on purchasing alcohol from 2 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon, and high minimum requirement for brewing beer that effectively shuts out all but the largest companies. 

Clif then digs deep to explain his love of beer as an act of creativity of the brewmaster but at the same time a “common man’s” drink. Hence, Cliff’s desire to promote local craft beer as a way to connect with small-scale Thai brewers. Unfortunately, Thai laws, supported by powerful forces best not discussed, make it harder for Thai ‘little guys’ to get into the business of making beer. Greg and Cliff express hope that beer champion Taophipop wins his epic battle to reform Thai beer laws. 

The guys continue discussing various venues about town, how the scene has changed over time, and Cliff’s philosophy for the website. Listen in for a great overview of the Thai craft beer scene circa 2024.

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