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The Bangkok Podcast

Aug 10, 2021

Greg and Ed discuss some negative expat stereotypes - roughly the person you (probably) don’t want to become while living in least forever. We all fall prey to stereotypes sometimes - they have to come from somewhere - but if you’re not careful, you can become comfortable with some of these lifestyles and before you know it, they come to define your new identity in your new home, and suddenly you’re known as The Whiner, or The Apologist.

And that’s just the beginning! Heaven forbid that people start to know you as The Premature Pontificator, or The Creep, The Slob, The Bubble Boy or The Player. Like we said, it’s hard to escape most of these all the time, but Bangkok’s mai-pen-rai lifestyle is addictive, and trust us - before you know it, a decade has gone by and you’re still wearing that old Chang singlet out to dinner that you bought when you first arrived on Khao San Road (that’d be The Slob). Have a listen and see how Greg and Ed define these common tropes. 

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