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The Bangkok Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

In a new concept, Greg and Ed discuss various Bangkok ‘Firsts’ in an effort to improve their knowledge of the city’s history and development. Loosely based on a trivia format the guys go back and forth asking each other about key milestones in Thai history, some quite significant, with others just quirky or interesting.

Starting with shopping malls and bridges and moving on to airports and politics, Greg and Ed go back and forth asking each other about some of the more notable events in the history of the city. Who had the first embassy? Where was the first movie theater or McDonalds? Do you know what year Thailand first won Miss Universe or its first Olympic medal? We challenge you to see if you can come up with the right answers before we do. That is…when we do manage to come up with the right answers…which isn’t all the time.

If you want to see if you’re right, you’re gonna have to listen to the show! :)

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