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The Bangkok Podcast

Oct 11, 2022

Greg and Ed open up a can of snakes (this is Thailand after all) and discuss whether Thailand is a ‘woke-free’ zone. The guys begin by realizing that the word ‘woke’ itself does not have a very clear meaning. Depending on who you are, ‘woke’ could mean a woman being paid the same as a man, being cool with varied genders, races, and religions, or someone who has taken victimhood to an extreme and become worse than the problem it’s trying to solve. 

That being said, the guys do have some takes. Ed thinks that in many ways Thailand will prove to be immune to the extreme forms of ‘wokeness,’ simply because Thais by their nature do not take offense very easily. As has been discussed many times on the podcast, Thais are very easy going by nature and tend to laugh off almost everything, outside of a few narrowly defined ‘no go’ zones. It’s hard to play the victim card if you simply don’t care much what people say or do and leave them to their devices. Greg largely concurs and notes that Thailand has been making progress in the reasonable areas of what some people consider ‘woke,’ such as women’s, gay, and trans rights. 

Listen in for an interesting discussion of how a complex topic that has largely been restricted to western societies might be seen through a Thai lens.

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