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The Bangkok Podcast

Aug 1, 2017

A discussion about the challenges and barriers to getting quality English-language news on Thailand from Thailand. And Evo’s learning to write like a 3-year-old. After that, the magic of pork floss. Because Bangkok Podcast.

Evo’s decided that maybe he does need to learn Thai. So he picked up a new book, Fun Training From Chicken to Owl. Well, that’s the English translation. Why has he flip-flopped on his opinion on learning Thai? Because Stu Jay Raj said so. Fine. But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Thailand isn't quite as dedicated to the concept of a "free press" as most Westerners are used to. While it's not quite state-controlled like North Korea, China, or Russia, there are limitations -- about 44 of them (wink) -- to how far the Thai press will go. But for expats, there's a more fundamental problem: Actually getting any news from Thailand about Thailand in a language other than Thai. More than one expat new to the area has bemoaned the lack of English-based content coming out of the Thai media. And for good reason. On this episode of the Bangkok Podcast, we’re covering English-presented news generated from within the kingdom of Thailand. So if you’re looking for your TV, radio, or newsprint-based fix for news, this episode of our podcast will help point you in the right direction.

Love, Loathe, or Leave

This one needs no preamble, as we’re talking about the magic of pork floss. Yes, pork floss. Or as Greg calls it, pig-flavored cotton candy. Because if that doesn’t sound tasty to you, there is something terribly wrong with you. Like one of us. Listen in to see and see who you side with, as we’ve a split decision this week.

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This week we’re giving a HUGE thank you to ex-expat Adam Payet. He’s been forced to move back to a big desert island, but keeps up with the goings on in his adopted homeland (that’s Bangkok), by listening to The Bangkok Podcast. And because he’s a super nice guy, he’s helping to keep the show going every week. Thanks, Adam! We’ll say nice things about you on an episode, plus give you bonus content and early access to our shows, for a modest level of financial support. And by “modest”, we mean a couple of bucks! Join the growing list of listeners who support our podcast on Patreon.

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