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The Bangkok Podcast

Nov 29, 2022

Ed interviews Max and Jo Hellier of Root the Future, a small social enterprise based in Bangkok that promotes sustainable living and plant-based diets. Max and Jo begin with their origin story: Jo, a vegan and former model, and Max, a ‘video dude,’ developed a business concept for a boutique hotel in Thailand that had to be abandoned during COVID. Subsequently, they combined their talents and started producing social media content expressing their concerns over climate change and their preference for a plant-based diet.

One thing led to another and soon ‘Root the Future’ was born. (Don’t ask about the name - just roll with it.) Their Instagram-friendly content soon developed a large following among expats in Thailand, and over time they developed relationships with Thai partners, including vegan restaurants and local producers of plant-based food. Max and Jo explain that their driving ethos is ‘accessibility’: showing that being planet friendly is quite an easy thing to do, simply by moving what you eat more in the direction of plants as opposed to animal products. 

The couple discuss their love of Thai food and how easily it can be converted to being wholly vegan, the pros and cons of ‘jay’ food in Thai culture and society, and their promotion of sustainability ‘markets’ that, god forbid, are NOT the same as farmer’s markets. 

Check into their Instagram feed at or their website at to see some quality planet-loving content by two expats in Thailand. 

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