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The Bangkok Podcast

Jun 11, 2024

Wrapping up our short series on our regional podcast peers, Greg interviews Joah McGee from the Insight Myanmar Podcast. Joah begins by explaining his early life in Myanmar and how he initially went to the country to study meditation and later secured a proper job doing training for an American Embassy-related organization. He managed to juggle professional life dealing with politics, with a personal life in monasteries practicing meditation. This eventually led Joah to making a documentary about a famous monk and writing a guidebook for foreigners wishing to study meditation in the country. As his expertise increased, a podcast focused on spiritual aspirants was the logical next step.

All was not to stay rosy, however, as the country suffered a military coup in 2021. At that point, Joah and his partners made the decision to transition the podcast to more general stories about on-the-ground realities in the country, which of course necessitated dealing with the complex political situation in Myanmar. Greg questions Joah about issues such as self-censorship, guest selection, and the overall tone of the show. Joah explains that the harsh reality of current life in Myanmar requires serious shows, but that he does his best to mix things up and highlight the many special aspects of Burmese culture that people often forget among the grim stories in the news. 

For a great change of pace from the Bangkok Podcast, check out Insight Myanmar. 

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