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The Bangkok Podcast

Dec 21, 2021

When Greg and guest-host Scott moved here at the turn of the century, Bangkok had about 22km of train lines (not counting the SRT diesel trains). Now there are 210km in operation with a further 250km under construction. That’s huge!

But it presents a problem - Bangkok is evolving very quickly, and unless you ride the trains A LOT, you are probably, like us, becoming more and more unfamiliar with how to get around the city you live in. Greg and Scott set out to change this, and spent a day riding around on various lines, visiting a few stations, and seeing what they could see from above (and below) the city. To get a better idea of how things look, check out this Google Map that Greg made of all the existing and upcoming train lines in Bangkok. 

From the confusing new Blue Line loop to the massive Bang Sue Grand Station to dusty end of the Purple Line, the boys give their impression on how things are progressing and why - if you live here - all of us should make an effort to get more acquainted with Bangkok’s train lines before we start to feel like lost, confused tourists in the very city we live in.

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