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The Bangkok Podcast

Aug 27, 2019

Sooner or later, we all spend some time in the hospital, so Greg and Ed riff on their myriad experiences in Bangkok hospitals over the years. But before we get into that, we should note - due to Thailand’s strict defamation laws, some of the places we talk about will remain nameless. 

But with that out of the way, we can say that Thailand in general has pretty good medical care, and it is standard advice for travelers in neighboring countries to get over the border into Thailand if they have any medical problems. But, as Ed notes, Thailand does not have very good legal protections against medical malpractice: if a doctor makes a mistake, don’t expect significant financial compensation from the Thai justice system.

Greg and Ed then trade anecdotes about their own experiences in the Thai medical system, each with some good and bad things to say. Ed’s life has been literally saved by competent doctors; Greg passed himself off as a Jedi in lieu of a real religion; both have been saved a ton of grief by getting a second opinion. Your mileage may vary, but both Greg and Ed agree, as a pure value proposition (i.e. what you get for the money), Thailand, though far from perfect, is a pretty good deal. 

Listen in for some great advice on how to maximize your chances of getting a good experience at a Bangkok hospital. 

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