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The Bangkok Podcast

Feb 12, 2019

Searching for some insight into how technology is shaping the next generation of Thais, Greg interviews Sueching Chin, a TV host, writer, editor, emcee, and media personality who focuses on technology in Thailand.

Greg and Sueching begin with the unique way that Thais use social media such as LINE or Instagram to set up, manage, and advertise a small business, which is something not often seen outside of Thailand. This leads into a discussion about the limitations on social media in a country ruled by the military, and some clever ways Thais have found to work with them while still retaining a sense of independence.

Sueching then shares a few Thai analogies for living in an online ‘bubble,’ and expresses her concerns about how young Thais will handle the world when they don’t regularly encounter enough new or challenging ideas.

Along the way they discuss YouTube as an education medium (possibly one that’s replacing the traditional role of fathers), the Thai education system’s lack of preparedness for a digital future, and the role AI is likely to play in the future job market. Resistance is futile, krap.

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