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The Bangkok Podcast

Feb 26, 2019

Has it already been a whole year? Greg interviews former co-host Evo Terra, who has been back in the United States for one year since leaving Thailand. What does he miss? What doesn’t he miss? And more importantly - can Evo get his precious fish sauce in Phoenix?

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Evo begins - naturally - with Thai food, saying that it’s everywhere but none tastes exactly like the food in Thailand. Nevertheless, he praises the cuisine of ‘Glai Ban,’ a local restaurant that is about as close as he can get to the real thing. Further, Evo has to run outside of Phoenix to a genuine Asian market for his Ma Ma noodle and (ack, ugh) fish sauce fix.

Other comparisons are made too - healthcare, weather, and funerals. That’s right - Evo sighs when he remembers that his day was never ruined by funeral processions in Bangkok,  leading to a discussion of modern mortuary practices. Yeah, it got dark. Finally, Evo admits that he misses being “the guy who doesn’t belong,” as he and Greg discuss the relative peace that can (sometimes) come with being a stranger in a strange land.

But while he misses Thailand greatly, Evo finishes with a few creature comforts that he enjoys greatly back home that Thailand simply couldn’t give him. She’s a harsh mistress, my friend.   

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