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The Bangkok Podcast

Jan 23, 2018

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The thought of spending a few days on an island in Thailand sounds about as close to paradise as a westerner can get: blue water, white sand, the works!

But the reality of it is a little different than the picture in your mind, and you might want to adjust your expectations a bit when visiting an island in Thailand.

And speaking of Thailand as a great vacation destination, we really do want to meet you when you come through Bangkok. Please reach out and we’ll see if we can get our schedules to align so we can grab a beer, coffee, or even a meal together. We love it!

Of course, we love the listeners who support us with a small financial contribution most of all. People like Jeremy Winterson, an actual race car driver and illegal taxi driver. (One of those statements is true).

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And on Love, Loathe, or Leave: long-time expats who still can’t pronounce Pattaya correctly. Don’t sound like a noob, please?

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