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The Bangkok Podcast

Dec 25, 2019

A new annual tradition begins with a discussion of the cost of living in Bangkok. Greg cites a recent study that puts Bangkok as the 47th most expensive city in the world for expats to live, which might not seem so bad except Bangkok has moved up 43 places (!) from last year. 

Ed notes that while things do seem to be getting more expensive, the cost of living is notoriously difficult to measure because it really depends on the specific good or services that you measure. Greg concurs, noting for example that in the recent study, the cost of international school was NOT included, which could potentially even move Bangkok higher.  Ed also points out that Bangkok is a weird city that seems to cater to people at almost every income level, such that the average cost may not be super cheap, but that does not mean that super cheap options are not available. 

But what about gas, food, rent, milk, a car, and buying a McDonald’s meal? Greg compares the prices in Bangkok with the same thing in his home town of Calgary.

The boys conclude by reminding listeners that it’s only in places like the Bangkok Podcast that you can receive the ‘wisdom of the Bangkok elders’ and find out how to do the City of Angels on the cheap. 

As always, the podcast will continue to be 100% funded by listeners just like you who get some special swag from us. And we’ll keep our Facebook, Twitter, and LINE accounts active so you can send us comments, questions, or whatever you want to share.