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The Bangkok Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

In a show fueled by a visit by Greg’s mother, the guys discuss first impressions of Bangkok, and whether or not they have become jaded as long term expats. Greg includes a short interview with his mom, but bases the show on all of her insights over the last few weeks as a relative newbie in Bangkok.

First, Greg mentions that his mom finds Thailand very colorful, whether it’s clothes, art, taxis, or restaurants. At first the guys are a bit skeptical, but as they run through the examples they realize that Ma’s got a point.

Next, the boys discuss the newbie take that Thailand is filled with individualism and creativity. On this point, Ed disagrees directly, noting the number of shops and restaurants that are essentially copies of each other, but Greg notes that his mom was focusing on fashion and art, with many small boutiques and stalls focusing on small collections of uniquely designed products. 

The next issue gets a general agree from both Greg and Ed as his mom has been struck by how consistently friendly Thais are. Yup!

Last, Greg brings up that his mom really appreciated the exotic and varied architecture of Thailand. Ed agrees that it is eclectic no doubt, but also points out that in places it can be a random hodge podge. 

In short, any long-term expat could do with a “dose of Mom” and learn to appreciate the little things Bangkok has to offer when they start to fade into the background.

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