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The Bangkok Podcast

Jan 30, 2018

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One of the OG travel bloggers, Matt Kepnes, AKA Nomadic Matt, joins the program with all kinds of stories, tips, and reflections on travel on his site He even has a NYTimes best-selling book on how to travel the world on a budget!

He's a hard guy to pin down, but he recently came through town on his way to New Zealand, and he very kindly let Greg to discuss an important question: Why do people (him included!) keep coming back to Bangkok?

Speaking of catching up with friends, but on a much sadder note… the Bangkok expat community is a little smaller and sadder, with the recent passing of Eric Seldin. He was funny, warm, entertaining, and wise, and always had a good story to tell from his decades of working around Asia. In his memory, go spend some quality time with those you love but haven’t caught up with recently, OK?

You are flat out not going to like this week’s Love, Loathe, or Leave. And not just because of the topic -- Bangkok’s insidious air pollution that’s just getting worse. No, it’s one of our answers. Sorry in advance. :(

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